Swansea GP CO Monitor Scheme

GPs and practice staff across City and Bay Health in Swansea are taking part in a new pilot project offering free breath tests and support for smokers to help them quit.

About the Scheme

Smoking is still the single largest preventable cause of ill health and death, causing over 5,000 deaths in Wales every year.

Evidence shows a smoker who is supported through specialist services is four times more likely to quit than those who go it alone. In addition, the use of pharmacological aids can increase a smokers quit rate by up to 50%. Currently only 2.6 of all Welsh smokers attend the NHS free service, Help Me Quit which falls short of the Welsh Governments annual target of 5%.

How the scheme works

ASH Wales has created the new project to help GPs and practice staff to increase the number of would-be quitters getting the right support and nicotine replacement for them. Smokers who are supported by specialist services, like through their GP or local pharmacy, are four times more likely to stay quit than those who go it alone.

In partnership with pharmaceutical company Pfizer, ASH Wales have provided 24 GP surgeries with ‘smoke’ breath monitors; hand-held devices which take just a matter of seconds to show a patient the current level of carbon monoxide – poisonous smoke – in their body. Using a colour-coded traffic light system, patients can see the amount of damage they are doing to their bodies, acting as a powerful motivator to think about acting to conquer their habit.

Are you a smoker in the Swansea city/bay areas?

You could receive a free CO Monitor test by simply visiting your GP or local pharmacy.

Looking for help to quit smoking?

The point of the scheme is to raise awareness and referral numbers for the NHS free service, Help Me Quit. The Help Me Quit service and website offers tailored advice specific to the needs of would-be quitters. To find out more call 0800 085 2219 or visit helpmequit.wales.

GP Surgeries delivering the scheme

  • Kingsway Surgery
  • Greenhill Medical
  • Mayhill Surgery
  • Brunswick Surgery
  • Nicholl Street Surgery
  • St.Helen’s Medical
  • Cockett Surgery
  • St Thomas
  • Clayse Surgery
  • Hafod Surgery

  • Mumbles Medical
  • Uplands Surgery
  • Gower Medical Surgery
  • Sketty Surgery
  • Westcross Sugery
  • Kings Road Surgery
  • University Health Centre
  • Grove Medical Centre
  • Harbourside Surgery
  • St Davids Medical
  • Murton Surgery
  • Mumbles Medical Centre
  • Pennard Sugery
  • Killay Surgery

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