Tackling Illegal
Tobacco in Wales

Assessing the current situation and examining the issues relating to illegal tobacco in Wales

About the event

In January 2018, we held a Wales Tobacco or Health Network event about illegal tobacco in Wales.

With around 60 professionals attending from across the UK, key points for discussion focused on;

  • What is your experience and perceptions of illegal tobacco?
  • How does illegal tobacco impact your organisation or community?
  • When and how have you come across illegal tobacco?
  • What are the challenges around illegal tobacco?
  • How can we work together to improve collaboration and increase prevention?
  • Do you know of an existing framework with a collaborative approach that could be used for illegal tobacco?
  • Drawing on your experience, how could we influence the behaviour of people that buy illegal tobacco and, those who sell illegal tobacco?

The conversations for the day were supported by presentations from HMRC’s Fraud Unit,  the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) Wales, Trading Standards and examples of previously successful campaigns.


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