Vape Shops

Vaping is now the most popular way to quit smoking in Wales.  In Wales around 7% of the adult population now vape.

If you’d like to find out more about how to vape then a visit to your local vape shop is a great start.

The staff there will be happy to advise you on the e-cigarettes available, the different vape liquids and the levels of nicotine they contain. There are products to suit all types of smokers and you may find you need to try out a few before you find the one that suits you best.


What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are battery operated devices filled with an e-liquid, or juice, which contains nicotine. The liquid is heated up by a coil in the e-cigarette then turns into a vapour which is inhaled. The nicotine is then absorbed into the lungs.

The ingredients inside an e-cigarette vapour include propylene glycol and glycerine which are usually used as food additives, water, nicotine and flavourings.

Unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco which is the ingredient which does so much damage to smokers’ lungs.


Why vape?

Vaping can be a highly effective way to quit smoking. Using an e-cigarette closely mimics the hand to mouth action of a conventional cigarette. The vapour that is inhaled contains nicotine so it satisfies cravings without the harmful effects of inhaling tobacco.

According to research carried out by NHS England, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

How to find a vape shop

The Independent British Vape Trade Association represents responsible, ethical, independent vape businesses in the UK.  Visit their website to find your local vape shop.