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The Wales Tobacco Control Alliance (WTCA) is an action group, coordinated by us, which aims to enable all third sector and professional organisations involved with tackling tobacco in Wales to inform and influence policy development and implementation, at both a UK and Wales level.

The WTCA works to monitor the situation around tobacco use in Wales, especially in relation to the Welsh Government’s Tobacco Control Action Plan. The aim of this Plan is to reduce the harm caused by tobacco use more generally across Wales, with the key focus around a comprehensive strategy containing ambitions to reduce adult smoking prevalence to 16% by 2020.

Principles of the WTCA

  • Membership will reflect the wide range of third sector and professional body organisations and disciplines concerned with the impact of tobacco on Wales and its people


  • The WTCA will endeavour to address tobacco inequalities in all its activities


  • The WTCA will be an inclusive, participatory body that encourages active engagement of its members


  • The WTCA will be transparent and accessible, and will consult with its member organisation on proposed actions
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Who can join?

  • Membership is open to all third sector and professional body organisations in Wales whose remit includes a tobacco control focus or who work with those vulnerable to tobacco use
  • All member organisations are required to declare that they do not have connections, affiliations or holdings with the tobacco industry or its representatives
  • Individuals are not eligible to join the WTCA, although they are eligible to join the Wales Tobacco or Health Network
  • Organisations must ensure delegates to the WTCA are sufficiently senior and knowledgeable to vote on coordinated policy initiatives of the WTCA

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