Who Can Afford to Smoke?
– The Financial Burden of Smoking

Cigarettes are £10 a packet and cost a 20 a-day smoker over £3,000 a year. With nearly of quarter of Welsh residents living in poverty, ASH Wales is asking, ‘Who Can Afford to Smoke?’.

About the event

The 2019 Wales Tobacco or Health Network event focused on solutions to tackling the financial burden of smoking. Using the Healthier Wales Plan as a backdrop, the debate centred on how community organisations regularly working with marginalised smokers, including debt advisers, housing associations, addiction/homeless charities, trade unions and work places can support smokers to quit.

During the event discussions took place on the following;

  • How do people afford to smoke?
  • How does smoking affect community organisations?
  • What are the barriers to giving up and to quitting using cessation services?
  • What measures would help frontline workers support smokers? What would a community-based training model look like?
  • Solutions for smoking-cessation services
  • Political and government intervention that would enable this to happen

To find a full summary of what was discussed at the event and actions moving forward please download our briefing paper below. Presentations from our speakers can also be found below.


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