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This #NoSmokingDay 2020 we’re looking at how you’d feel one year later if you were to quit smoking for good on March 11th.

After one year you would be 50% less likely to have a heart attack
or a stroke
Tiredness and shortness of breath will be a thing of the past.
Cilia, the air sacks in your lungs, will have regrown and healed
some of the damage caused by smoking
You’ll be feeling fitter than ever before and able to walk long distances and do exercise without becoming short of breath
You’ll look in the mirror and you’ll notice that your hair and skin are
in much better condition
Your bank balance will be looking far healthier too. Since giving up
smoking a year ago, you’ll have saved £3796 if you smoked 20-a-day
and £1898 if you smoked 10-a-day
The smell of smoke lingering on your clothes and in your
home would be a thing of the past
Your future is looking bright. Within another four years, your risk of
developing diabetes will be the same as that of a non-smoker
In 9 years, you’ll hit the 10-year smoke free mark when your chance of death from lung cancer is half that of a smoker
You’ll notice an improvement in your mental health now you are free from an addiction that destroys lives.
Cigarette cravings will be a distant memory and you will no longer be ruled by the highs and lows of nicotine addiction
The tar in your respiratory system will be eliminated and your
voice will be clear again

There are many positive reasons for trying to quit this #NoSmokingDay2020

However, quitting alone isn’t easy and you are far more likely to succeed with help and behavioural support. Help Me Quit is a FREE NHS service in Wales that can help you stop smoking. Give their team a call today or pop into your local pharmacy for advice and support

0808 250 6061


Help Me Quit
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