There are 400,000 fewer smokers in Wales than in 1976.

We raise awareness of the health, social and economic effects of smoking in Wales by:

Building Partnerships

Building Partnerships

We work closely with other leading health bodies and our sister organisations across the UK.

Research and Policy

Research and Policy

We research the health, social and economic effects of smoking and offer evidence-led direction.

Support to Quit Smoking

We have a free, online community offering friendly advice, daily quit tips and motivation.


Campaigning for Public Health

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy, smokefree environment. Our campaigns are leading the way in the creation of healthy, outdoor spaces and the reduction of health problems associated with smoking and tobacco use.


Smokefree Baby and Me

smoking in the home, smoking indoors

Smokefree Homes


Smokefree Sports


Smokefree Universities

News and Updates


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