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ASH Wales Cymru has welcomed the successful vote today in the National Assembly for Wales, banning people from smoking in cars when children are present.

There is widespread public support for a ban on smoking in cars with children – 4 out of 5 Welsh adults (87%) back legislation, according to a YouGov survey for ASH Wales (2015).

Elen de Lacy, Chief Executive of Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) Wales, said:

“Ending smoking in cars with children present is a welcome move by the Welsh Government.

“Children do not have a choice when adults are smoking around them and therefore ASH Wales Cymru would urge the government to ensure this ban is enforced as soon as possible.

“Concentrations of smoke inside a car can reach dangerous levels very quickly and exposure to second-hand smoke is a substantial threat to children’s health. This ban is popular with the public and we look forward to the government bringing it into force without further delay.”

You can find out more about smokefree spaces on our information pages.

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