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Did you know that as a smoker you could be doing serious damage to your hair?
Every time you light up a cigarette your hair is surrounded by a cloud of toxic fumes, which scientists say can lead to premature baldness and going grey. Here are some of the reasons why quitting smoking is better for your hair: 

Brittle hair

Cigarettes contain 4,000 different chemicals and gases so it’s no surprise that smoking affects the quality of your hair, which will be filled with toxic fumes every time you light up. Smoking also restricts the amount of oxygen your cells can carry around your body which means your hair is not supplied with enough nutrients or fresh oxygen from your blood stream.  As a result many smokers have dry, brittle hairs that snap off before they are fully grown because they have become malnourished.

Going grey

Scientists believe that smoking may accelerate premature grey due to the toxins in the smoke that can harm hair follicles and damage hormones. A report published in the British Medical Journal, which studied 600 men and women half of whom were smokers, found  a ‘consistent link’ between smoking and early graying of the hair.


Smoking has been linked to baldness. A study carried out in Taiwan, and published in the Archives of Dermatology, found that smoking at least 20 cigarettes a day was linked to an increased risk of baldness. The researchers suggested that this may be because smoking damages hair follicles and causes damage to the cells at their roots.

Third-hand smoke

Third-hand smoke is the name given to the toxins and particles that cling to furniture and fabrics, long after you’ve stubbed out your cigarette. Hair, which is highly absorbent, soaks up these particles so that even the most fragrant of  shampoos won’t disguise the stink of cigarette smoke in your hair and the hair of those who are near you when you smoke.  Only giving up smoking completely will improve the smell of your hair.

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