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We all know that giving up smoking can be tough. And unless your family and friends are in the same boat, it can be lonely too.

Our new Facebook page Quit Smoking (Wales) provides access to an online community of others in the same boat and an opportunity for people to share their experiences of quitting smoking.

It is the first Wales-specific quit smoking support group on Facebook and is open to both smokers and non-smokers.

Quit Smoking (Wales) is a non-judgemental space where members give each other support and encouragement and share their thoughts and feelings about the highs and lows of giving up smoking.

If you’re battling nicotine addiction and hope one day to give up, the experiences of others in the group could provide just the inspiration and motivation you need. Indeed you may find it easier to quit if you have a support network you can rely on.

And if you’ve just embarked on your quit attempt, you can meet and chat to others on the same journey. Perhaps you want to compare notes on different forms of nicotine replacement therapy or simply sound off about cravings.

Meanwhile, former smokers are welcome to tell the stories of how they gave up, revealing the quit smoking method that worked for them. They may also be seeking motivation to stay on track if the urge to smoke strikes.

If you would like to become a member of the group visit

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