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A review of the evidence published by Public Health England (PHE) shows that electronic cigarettes offer a much safer alternative to smoking and more should be done to encourage smokers to switch. In light of this review PHE have, for the first time, published their advice on an appropriate approach to electronic cigarettes for the UK Government, local authorities and the NHS in England.

“This report from Public Health England is exactly the sort of research we have been calling for on e-cigarettes and their safety. We hope that this research will reassure health professionals, the media, and the public, particularly smokers, that the evidence is clear: electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking.”

“It is encouraging to see from the report that there is no evidence yet to suggest that e-cigarettes have ‘renormalised’ smoking or led people to take up smoking.”

“Making contact with local stop smoking services remains the best way of quitting successfully and services should actively engage with smokers who want to quit using an e-cigarette.

“From the research in England it is clear that e-cigarettes are the number one quitting aid used by smokers and therefore we need clear evidence-based guidance here in Wales.”

Elen de Lacy, Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health Wales Cymru

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown enormously since they first came on the market but still nearly half the population don’t realise e-cigarettes are safer than smoking. PHE have recommended that health professionals and others should seek to address misunderstandings among the public and provide accurate information to smokers.

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