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Are you tired of seeing your finances go up in smoke? Did you know that quitting smoking could save you thousands of pounds a year?

To help you understand the financial benefits of giving up smoking, here is a simple guide to how much your habit is costing

The five a day smoker:

You may think smoking just five cigarettes a day isn’t making a dent in your finances.

However, the costs soon mount up.  Every month you’re spending £78 a month on cigarettes. And within a year you’ve spent £949.


The 10-a-day smoker

10-a day-smokers spent £156 a month on cigarettes. That’s enough for a romantic weekend getaway, a wardrobe upgrade, gym membership or a new bike.

In a year, smoking 10 cigarettes a day will cost a whopping £1898.

The 20-a-day smoker

Smoking 20-cigarettes a day is costing you a fortune – £3796 a year to be precise.  On a weekly basis, you’re wasting £72 on cigarettes and in a month, £312.

Within a year you’ll have spent £3796 on cigarettes. Enough for an exotic holiday abroad.

Smoking rollies

Smoking five rollies a day costs £480 a day. For those smoking 10 a day the cost rises to £960 a year.

And for smokers with a 20-a-day rollie habit, giving up could save them a very satisfying £1921 a year.

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