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The Wales Tobacco or Health Network (WTHN) is a network for all individuals in Wales with an interest in tobacco and with an interest in the wider determinants of health and health inequalities. Increasingly, the links between tobacco use and a range of other health and wellbeing issues are being further researched and understood. The network not only focuses on smoking and tobacco control but also on the wider issues surrounding smoking and tobacco use.

The meetings cover issues such as:

  • Smoking cessation, smokefree spaces, illegal tobacco, electronic cigarettes, niche tobacco and prevention interventions
  • The link between tobacco use and increased tobacco consumption
  • How tobacco use contributes to child poverty
  • The link between tobacco use and mental health
  • Ensuring under-represented and non-represented groups are able to access health promotion and treatment services
  • Addressing multiple risk behaviours in young people

Why Join

Access to networking and training opportunities to benefit their professional and personal development

Help to reduce the harm caused by tobacco in Wales by informing and influencing policy development and implementation

Receive our monthly e-newsletter. We encourage members to contribute to the newsletter with views, opinions and issues.

Receive support and guidanceto areas of work that are of common interest. We can help to pool resources and share best practice.

Who can join?

The network is open to individuals and is not organisationally representative. Members are welcome from many organisations and sectors, including academia, the tobacco control community, education, government, healthcare, industry, local government, the media, the NHS, public health, and the private and voluntary sectors.

There are enormous benefits to joining the Network, and crucially, given the current economic situation, membership is free. The Network will exist to support members by providing and improving access to information, and by providing a forum for sharing knowledge and good practice, enabling members to learn from each other.

How to join?

To join the Wales Tobacco or Health Network or for more information, please contact:

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