COVID-19 and Smoking


If you’re a smoker and worried about COVID-19 then now would be a good time to think about quitting for good.

Research into previous coronaviruses show that smoking makes the impact of the virus worse.  Smokers are more likely to develop severe disease from the COVID-19 virus, than non-smokers.

In addition, the act of smoking means hands are in contact with the mouth increasing the likelihood of transmission of the virus.

Some media are also reporting that vapers face additional risks from coronavirus however the evidence for this is far less clear. Smokers who have switched to vaping should be reassured that this is better for them than smoking regular cigarettes. 

quitting smoking coronavirus

Second-hand smoke – do not smoke in your home

Exposure to second-hand smoke is also likely to exacerbate the risks from coronavirus, alongside the other harms it causes. ASH Wales urges people not to smoke in the home, especially if they share their home with children.  Smokers who are self-isolating and are not able to go outside to smoke should seek alternatives such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or e-cigarettes to protect the people around them from harm.

A guide for those working in the community

We’ve put together a guide with frequently asked questions on Covid-19 and smoking for those working in the community during and post lockdown, e.g. housing associations, support workers, NHS staff.

We’ve also produced a shorter conversation guide which can help with discussions around Covid-19 and smoking.

Download here